The AOM is currently undertaking a digitisation program to make our collection as accessible as possible to the public, wherever they are located. We are progressively uploading digital copies of objects to an online archive.

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Children’s Toys

The AOM collection is highly emotive and many poignant objects are held. Donated objects such as toys resonate with the stories of Care Leavers and help people to understand the childhoods of thousands of Australians. Whilst in orphanages or Children’s Homes, it could be difficult for children to hold onto their possessions. Items could be easily lost or stolen or removed by the adults in charge.


Art Collection

The AOM’s collection of artworks includes art and craft pieces by Care Leavers as well as works by established artists created in response to Care Leaver issues, such as the Raft of the Clan by Peter Daverington (2018), commissioned to honour survivors of child sexual abuse and the fight for justice.

Orphanage Appeal Badges

We have an extensive collection of fundraising badges from institutions all over Australia.